Power by ADtech

In 2013, we acquired Ecobit Srl,Italy. ADtech electronic system was researched and designed by Ecobit Srl. Thanks to four years development and improvement, ADtech electronic system widely used on European brand electric scooters. ADtech electronic system is proved reliability & durability.

A Lithium-ion Movement

  •                    Max. 120km

    Driving Range

  • 2 Year

    Year Warranty

  • 1000 life cycle

    1000 life cycle

We' ve been able to pack 20Ah/26Ah/28Ah/50Ah/70Ah of storage into a battery that is driving range from 40km~120km, the weight just 10kg~23kg up to capacity. The flexible battery solutions to meet the use of commuter, leasing, sharing business.
At the heart of AD-tech is SOC speedoment inspired Battery Management System(BMS) that regulate power consumption and fault diagnosis.

* This range is depending on speed / weight / braking and other factors


an advanced BMS to control the charging and discharging of the Battery.
BMS provides multiple protection for batteries

ADtech BMS

Integrated Battery Armor


After many years experiences in electric cargo vehicle,we develop ADtech BMS.It's for 300KG payload,violent accelaration,-20'℃~50'℃ working temperature,fast charging 10A charger, fault diagposis,BMS removable.The battery is renewed after changing BMS.

Diagnostic function

ADtech battery diagnostic equipment, provide professional after-sell service on battery maintain and repair. By using this equipment,you could get detailed information on cells status: voltage, capacity, temperature, charging times, etc.

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ADtech multiple battery system.

We’ve been able to make electric scooter with longer range, Max.3 batteries can be equipped.ADtech electronic system support 3 battery charging and discharging at same time.

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Advantages of Bosch Motor

Detailed description Picture/label display:

  • A.speed and acceleration Adjustable: Type 1 smooth, comfortable / Type 2 strong, powerful

  • B. Maximum speed Adjustable: 45KM~95KM

  • C. Climbing with an adjustable speed: the maximum slope is 23 degrees.

  • D. Faults diagnostic Flashing 1~15 times, indicate which part have problem.

A better riding experience. Smart FOC controller manages the Bosch motor to provide smooth acceleration and quiet riding experience


SOC speedometer

Are you still worried that the electric vehicle will stop on the road because of the battery out of power??

ADtech speedometer have same function as automobile’s speedometer which indicate accurate mileage that vehicle can travel, reminding you to charge battery in time.

ADtech Charger Features:

  • Equip 3 batteries Max.

  • Batteries connected for charging & using

  • Double split charger

  • High-power charger, fast charging in 3 hours.


Motor Design With Power Redundancy / Smooth Acceleration / Quite and Less Vibration / Durability & Reliability

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The Intelligence Behind BOSCH Motor

BOSCH motor technology is a key component in optimizing energy efficiency by reducing motor vibration and power waste that can be found in other brand motor. Compare to typical motor, the ADtech power system is at lease 10% more efficient.

Less Energy, More Bright.

ADtech LED light is based on 2019 technology, 20% improvement on: power consume, Illumination distance, longer lifetime.

AD tech electric vehicle
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Provide vehicle design/power system solutions for customers in their own factories