How to deal with it? 4 problems that easily occur when using electric bicycles

Article from: 26-12-2020


One. What should I do if the electric bicycle is powered on?

1. Check whether the battery output of the electric vehicle is normal. If the output is too low to prove that the battery is broken, the battery needs to be replaced urgently.

2. Check the transfer. Use an iron wire to short-circuit the positive pole of the handlebar and the signal wire. If the car can rotate, it proves that the handlebar is broken, and the handlebar needs to be replaced or repaired urgently.

3. Whether the controller is good or bad. The positive 5V of the handlebar can be used to short-circuit, if the handlebar rotates, the controller is no problem. (The easiest way is: smell the controller for burnt smell. If there is, it proves that the controller is broken)

4. Check the quality of the motor. Incorrect contact of the carbon brushes of the motor will also cause the electric bicycle to fail to run.

Two. Why do I turn on the power of the electric door lock with the key, the power indicator of the instrument panel does not light up, and the motor does not rotate when the handle is changed?

1. The fuse on the battery box is burned out, replace the fuse.

2. The fuse on the battery box is in poor contact. Adjust the fuse tube to make it contact well.

3. The contacts on the battery box are in poor contact. Adjust the contacts to make them contact well.

4. The contact of the battery box is burned out, replace with a new one.

5. If the electric door lock is burned out, replace it with a new one.

6. The battery lead in the battery box is broken, and the connection line is updated.

7. The battery inside the battery box is open circuit, replace or repair the battery.

8. The lead wire of the electric door lock or the contact lead is open or in poor contact, reconnect the wiring.
Three. The power indicator on the instrument panel is off and the motor is running normally?

1. There is no voltage between the positive and negative leads of the dial: the connector is in poor contact or the lead is open: reconnect or change the wire;

2. The luminous tube is damaged: replace or repair the luminous tube;

3. There is an open circuit on the dial circuit board: replace or repair the meter circuit board.
Four. Why does the motor stop when it rotates?

1. If the battery is low, charge the battery.

2. The battery contacts are in poor contact, adjust the position of the contacts or polish the contacts.

3. Poor contact between the fuse tube and the fuse seat in the battery box, adjust or replace it to make it good.

4. There is dirt in the photosensitive film and photosensitive tube in the speed control handle. Clean or replace the photosensitive film, wipe the photosensitive tube. If the fault still cannot be eliminated, please replace the speed control handle.

5. There is a fault in the controller, replace or repair the controller.

6. The lead of the speed control handle seems to be broken. Replace or repair the lead.

7. If the brake power-off switch fails, adjust or replace the brake power-off switch.

8. The power lock has poor contact after ablation. Replace or repair the power lock.

9. Virtually connect the connectors in the line and reconnect them to make good contact.

10. The carbon brushes, wires and windings in the motor are welded or connected. Repair or replace the motor.