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Article from: 24-07-2020


On July 17, 2020, a few more assembled vehicles were loaded onto trucks and drove towards the customer.

This scooter and tricycle has been liked by more and more people. It is suitable for self-use or for the elderly at home. The price is cheap, the charging is convenient, and the most important thing is energy saving and environmental protection. You can charge it at home without having to go to the gas station. Many elderly people are particularly inconvenient to go out because they do not have a driver's license. With this vehicle, it is much more convenient to go out, unlike a motorcycle, which is free from wind and rain. The 3 wheels cabin scooter is also equipped with a hot air function to keep you warm in winter.

The basic parameters of our car are as follows:

Item: E3 Cabin Scooter

Description: 1000W*2 motor,60V45AH/58AH Lead Acid battery,60-70km range,30/45km/h,Euro4/EEC certificate,Disc/Disc brake,packing size is 2268*1310*1630mm

Package:1. Iron frame + carton packaging.  2. Full carton packaging. Samples recommended to use iron frame + carton.


Loading port:Ningbo, China



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