What are the common problems with electric golf cart tires

Article from: 14-03-2020


It is a common problem for electric golf carts to deviate during driving. In most cases, the problem can be solved through wheel positioning. But sometimes how to do the wheel positioning is not good, this must be caused by other reasons, it is necessary to find out the reason to deal with it, and then adjust to completely fix the shortcomings of deviation. In addition to the misalignment of the wheels, the main factors that can cause deviations are:

1. The brakes of a certain wheel are not returned properly. This is equivalent to the consistent application of partial braking on one wheel, and the vehicle will inevitably go off when driving. When checking, you can feel the temperature of the wheel hub. For example, if one wheel surpasses many other wheels, it indicates that the brake of the wheel is poorly returned.

2. Tire pressure at both ends varies. Different tire pressures will make the tires different in size, and they will inevitably go off when rolled.

3. The two ends of the deformed spring of the front shock absorber are inconsistent. The quality of the shock absorber spring can be judged by comparison after pressing or disassembling.

4. The tire markings on the two ends are not the same or the markings are different in height and depth. It is best that all cars use the same type of tire. At least the two tires on the front and rear axles must be the same, and the marking depth must be the same. It must be replaced across the wear limit.

5. Excessive wear of vehicle chassis components and abnormal vacancies. Steering tie rod ball heads, support arm rubber sleeves, stabilizer bar rubber sleeves, etc. are common parts that are susceptible to excessive space, and the vehicle should be carefully checked for lifting.

6. The front shock absorber fails. After the front shock absorber fails, the two suspensions are one high and one low during driving, and the force is uneven, leading to deviation. Can pass the special vibration tester to detect the absorption of the shock absorber, determine the quality of the shock absorber, if unconditional can be disassembled to determine the pull method.

7, the overall deformation of the frame. The distance between the two wheelbases is too large, exceeding the maximum allowable plan, and can be measured by a tape measure. If it exceeds the plan, it is necessary to use a proofreading table for proofreading.