How to buy an electric scooter

Article from: 13-08-2020


Secret One: Ask friends

Before buying an electric scooter, learn more about electric scooter knowledge from the Internet, newspapers, or from friends. Brands that you often see, hear, and praise from your friends will have stronger relative credibility and good quality.

Secret Two: Look at the brand

Consumers should choose brands with long operating hours, low repair rates, good quality, and reputable brands. However, note that there are some well-known brands in the bicycle and motorcycle fields, but the quality of their electric vehicles is generally or even poor.

Secret three: choose a business

Businesses with a certain scale and longer operating hours can ensure that your after-sales service is guaranteed.

Secret Four: Heavy Service

Electric vehicles have three points of quality and seven points of service. Brands with good quality but not good after-sales service will bother you. Since all electric vehicle components are not yet universal and maintenance cannot reach socialization, you must pay attention to asking whether the brand has a dedicated maintenance service department in the region and how many after-sales service points are available when purchasing electric bicycles.

Secret Five: Choose Model

The luxurious type has complete functions, but the price is high and the repair rate is high; the ordinary type has a simple structure, economical and practical, and low repair rate. The repair rate of simple electric vehicles on the market is much lower than that of luxury models. Ugbest has more than 30 model scooters and electric scooter have been sold to more than 77 countries.

Six: check accessories

Electric vehicles of the same style use different brands of accessories, and the price difference is very large. Consumers should not be influenced by the style and price when buying, but should ask more about which accessories to use.

Secret Seven: Observe the Appearance

The defective appearance not only affects the aesthetics, but also leads to shortened service life and increased after-sales costs. For example, whether the welding and surface of the frame and the front fork are defective, whether all parts are manufactured in good order, whether the double supports are strong, whether the plastic parts are defective, etc.

Secret Eight: Test a new scooter

Some scooters may have imperfections in the assembly. Pay more attention to whether the brakes are flexible during the test drive; whether the motor sounds are normal, and the lights and meters are normal.

Secret 9: Ask the date

Electric vehicle batteries will be damaged quickly if left uncharged for a long time. The closer the factory date of electric vehicle batteries is, the better.

Secret ten: good scootere

After purchasing an electric scooter, collect all the accessories, invoices, chargers, certificates, manuals, three-guarantee scooterds, etc., and keep them properly. Some manufacturers have established a user filing system, please follow the instructions for filing to enjoy after-sales service.