Lubrication, motor assembly and wiring of motor internal gears of electric scooters

Article from: 22-08-2020


Lubrication of the internal gears of the electric motor:

If there are brushed geared hub motors and brushless geared hub motors in the electric scooter, the running noise starts to become louder, or the gears in the motor are replaced, at this time, we should also pay attention to lubricating all gear teeth Grease, generally No. 3 grease or the lubricant specified by the manufacturer will be used.

Motor assembly of electric scooter:

Before assembling the brush motor on the electric scooter, pay attention to check the elasticity of the spring inside the brush holder, check whether the carbon brush and the brush holder will rub, and check whether the carbon brush will reach the stroke in the brush holder After that, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct positioning of the carbon brush and its own inverter. In this regard, it is to avoid the carbon brush being damaged or the brush grip. Ugbest advice proper assembly with the help of manufacturer and factory.

When installing the motor on the electric scooter, one thing to do is to clean up the impurities on the surface of the motor parts to avoid the phenomenon that affects the normal operation of the motor. After that, the hub body must be fixed and strong to avoid being magnetized during installation. The strong attraction of steel caused the parts to collide and damage each other. Detect that 36V is normal, controller output 5V, 12V is normal, motor resistance is normal. The motor should be directly connected to the 36V battery, and the motor runs normally.

The motor wiring method of the electric scooter:

Because the commutation method of the electric scooter is different, not only the internal structure of the brush motor and the brushless motor are different, but the difference in the wiring method is also very big.

The wiring method of the brush motor in the electric scooter. Brushed motors generally have two leads, plus and minus. Generally, the red wire refers to the positive pole of the motor, and the black wire refers to the negative pole of the motor. If the positive and negative poles are swapped, it will only cause the motor to reverse and generally will not damage the motor.

The judgment of the phase angle of the brushless motor of the electric scooter. The phase angle of the brushless motor is also the abbreviation of the phase algebraic angle of the brushless motor, which refers to the angle at which the current direction of each coil of the brushless motor changes during a energizing cycle. The electric scooter itself uses brushless motors. The common phase algebraic angles are 120° and 60°.