A few points to note when choosing an electric scooter

Article from: 14-12-2019



When it comes to listening to it, it must be the sound of an electric scooter, mainly the sound of its wheels turning, and there will be no other noise, and whether the sound is loud when the motor is turned on and the sound of the horn, etc. These are what we need Listen


It is mainly judged from the shape of the electric scooter, that is, where we can see it, mainly to see if there are any particularly obvious process problems, friction marks, etc.

3, touch

Touch is touch. We touch its related parts with our own hands to see if its surface is smooth. Then how long does the electric motor run hot? Another thing is its tires, mainly because the tires are flat. You can pinch its tires to see if it is elastic


In fact, this step is very important. Only if you try it yourself can you find more problems that you can't find by looking, listening, and touching. As long as you can try this one, you should try it. You can clearly see the condition of the car before you buy it. It will be better for the future.

5, check

The main thing is to check the relevant certificates of electric scooters, and then you can also see how this company or factory is (these can be checked before), and then the most important thing is the after-sales related situation.