Choose the right electric scooter

Article from: 06-12-2019


1.battery capacity

Generally, the location of the electric scooter on the battery is to step on the pedal, and the mileage and battery capacity are proportional. Friends who want a longer battery life can choose an electric scooter with a larger battery capacity, which can run longer on a single charge. But large-capacity batteries will bring heavier weight, and everyone has to weigh them here.

2. Power of motor

Most of my friends will think that the bigger the motor power of an electric scooter, the better, but this is not the case. The power of an electric scooter is related to the wheel diameter and speed. If the electric scooter motor exceeds the high power, it will be wasted. If it is small, it will not run. The matching of the motor power and the design of the electric scooter is the most important.Ugbest offer first quality lithium battery, high component 18650 cells.Equipped BMS with multiple protections to battery.

3. Wheel

You may not pay too much attention to the wheels, but it is the wheels that affect the driving experience. The smaller the wheel, the more bumpy the electric scooter. If the wheel is too small, some bumpy roads will numb the feet. And some manufacturers' electric scooters are small wheels, and shock absorbers are not designed yet.

Then there is the design of the degree of friction of the tire. The friction of the driving wheel is large, and the friction of the driven wheel is small, which can increase the required endurance.

4.Brake System

Safety is the most considered above all.