Analysis of the Reasons for the Decrease of the Lamp Brightness of Electric Golf Cart

Article from: 27-08-2020


Electric golf carts are also used at night, so the changes in the brightness of the lights should arouse the attention of the driver and check the reasons for the decrease in brightness.

Whether it is the headlights or the rear headlights of the electric golf cart, as long as it does not light up, it means that the bulb of the car has been burned out and must be replaced in time. But if the headlights are not completely broken, the brightness is reduced and the lights are red and dim, because this may be a precursor to the failure of the lights, and the reduced lighting capacity is also a major hidden danger to safe driving.

The reason for the decrease in brightness is usually that there is a lot of dust on the astigmatism glass or mirror of the lamp. At this time, all you need to do is to remove the dirt with a flannel or lens paper.

Another reason may be that the charging capacity of the battery is reduced due to insufficient power and insufficient brightness. In this case, a new battery needs to be replaced in time.

There is another possibility that the lights of electric golf carts are dimmed because the wiring is aging or the wires are too thin, which causes an increase in resistance and affects the power supply. This situation not only affects the operation of the bulb, but may even cause the wiring to overheat and cause a fire.