Dragon Boat Festival, Safe and Well with US

Article from: 28-06-2020


——June 24, 2020 UGBEST Dragon Boat Festival Activities

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming. In order to thank the company’s employees for their hard work in the past six months and to enhance the interaction and communication between the leaders and employees, UGBEST will hold a Dragon Boat Festival on the theme of "Taste Happy Dragon Boat Life" on June 24, 2020, to make employees feel the company's humanized management, give employees a sense of belonging, and reflect the company's purpose of happy work, happy life and happy learning. Ugbest is professional in manufacturing electric scooter and electric tricycles since 2012.

At the 11 o'clock, the employees and leaders of UGBEST arrived at the designated activity point after grouping.

What catches your eye is the specialty of Dragon Boat Festival in Taizhou-cake rolls, the Chinese name is "食饼筒".

For changing the normal dining table way, a "食饼筒" competition, make the employees and the boss have been fully motivated to win the "best Taizhou-cake rolls award".

During this period, a singing contest of "Who is the singer" is also slowly taking place.

In the end, eating crayfish ended the activity.

Hoping that through this Dragon Boat Festival activities, leaders and employees, departments and departments, colleagues and colleagues will become more familiar, more integrated and more united.