2020.6.15-2020.6.24 UGBEST participates in Canton Fair live broadcast online

Article from: 23-06-2020


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Huge challenges faced at home and abroad.

UGBEST, in order to overcome a variety of challenges, we have made sufficient preparations for the "Online Canton Fair": in terms of hardware facilities-cameras, microphones, Wi-Fi, live broadcast locations, we are carefully preparing and repeatedly debugging. In the selection of live broadcast personnel-foreign trade salespersons with professional knowledge, who can answer all questions for customers; occasionally with freshman, display products from a more straightforward perspective.

Ugbest is a factory specializing in electric scooter and electric tricycles since 2012.

Brand Introduce

Ugbest Electric Scooter, one of the leading brand of Chinese electric scooter industry. Taizhou Ugbest EV Co., Ltd, went into electric scooter business in 2012.Since then we devote ourselves to supply our customers with a green and healthy transport way.

2013: Italiy company Ecobit SrI was purchased.

2015: set up service center in oversea market.Ad-tech was established for the smart and high-end electric scooters and after-sale service.

2016: ECOKARGO brand was set up, dedicated to food delivery, postal services and sharing

In the selection of products-select products suitable for online display, and prepare an accurate and professional textual introduction for each product, provide customers with accurate product models, and introduce the specific uses of products in as much detail as possible.

Since we have not been exposed to the form of live broadcasting, we have held meetings again and again for how to conduct live broadcasting of this online Canton Fair.

Our colleagues prepared hard for this live broadcast, and some colleagues ridiculed each other: dreaming for live broadcast speeches.

Even for the first time participating in the "online live broadcast", we will not show a gesture of frowning. During the live broadcast, we will help each other, and occasionally there will be full of laughter in the live broadcast room.

During this period, the proprietress prepared tea milk for us.

As the times change, we need to make corresponding changes and it is essential to keep up with the times. In the next live broadcast time, we will prepare more online presentations to bring more comprehensive presentations to customers.

The following is our live link, : https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/zh/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-a80a-08d7ed77e7d4/live?liveId=195709

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