Factors affecting the length of mileage of lithium scooters for electric scooters

Article from: 29-09-2019


First, the electric scooter company tells you the four main reasons that affect the mileage of electric vehicles:

1. Capacity of the battery: The larger the capacity of the battery, the higher the mileage will be at the same voltage.

2, the old and new battery: as the capacity of the battery has decreased with the increase of time, a new battery, the actual mileage may be close to 50 kilometers; and the battery will continue to use the mileage for a period of time decline.

3. Drift of controller parameters: If the undervoltage point of the controller is severely high, the continuous mileage will be short.

4. The speed of the driving speed and the influence of the external environment: When the economic speed (18Km/h) is used, the actual running mileage will be extended; if the driving speed of the electric vehicle is too fast, the actual driving mileage will decrease.

Second, some additional factors will also lead to a decline in cruising range

In addition to the above four main factors, there are some unsightly factors, which will also affect the mileage of electric vehicles.

For example: load weight, whether the road is flat, whether there is ups and downs, wind direction, wind speed, braking during driving, number of starts, whether the tire is full of gas and correct charging method will affect the length of the actual continuous mileage, and also need to be used when using note.