Smart use of electric scooters

Article from: 21-09-2019


Electric scooter is a new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. Electric scooter saves energy, fast charging and long range capability

First of all, you must know the folding and retracting of the electric scooter.

Electric scooter folding three steps:

The first step: there are two folding locks on the upper crossbar of the electric scooter handle. Hold the lock to pull the handle downwards on both sides.

Step 2: Open the vertical folding lock of the electric scooter and gather the electric scooter handle down.

Step 3: The front and the pedals of the electric scooter have two folding buttons. Press the two folding locks of the electric scooter in your hand to fold the electric scooter body until you hear it. The folding of the electric scooter body is completed, and the electric scooter can be picked up and placed in the open space.

The electric scooter starts in three steps:

The first step: open the connecting bridge of the front wheel and the pedal of the electric scooter. Unlike the folding, the button on the left is pressed to open the body of the electric scooter.

Step 2: Open the folding clasp of the electric scooter handle.

Step 3: Raise the vertical rod and adjust the height of the electric scooter to the proper position to drive the electric scooter normally.

The method of using the electric scooter is shared here today. The electric scooter looks very fashionable, very compact, and can be folded. It is no problem to bring the bus.