Golf cart troubleshooting tips

Article from: 14-02-2020


Golf cart, as the name suggests, is a special electric vehicle mainly used on golf courses. In recent years, due to its luxurious, elegant appearance and comfortable and safe riding experience, golf carts have also been used in tourist attractions, playgrounds, villa areas, resorts, high-end hotels, real estate companies and other places. The wide range of use and the increase of the use frequency also make the golf cart various faults and various phenomena. The fault judgment and skills are the key to fast and accurate vehicle maintenance.

Golf cart troubleshooting tips

1. Clean and test

As a golf cart, many circuit faults are caused by the working environment, such as the dust on the circuit board of the charger controller and various soft faults caused by dirty potentiometers. According to this, when inspecting the fault, the golf cart machine should be cleaned first, and the fault caused by pollution should be eliminated, and then the inspection should be started by hand.

2, first outside and then inside

The specific internal faults of a golf cart are its external manifestations. The different external performance reflects the corresponding internal failure of the device. When diagnosing and inspecting the fault, you must start from the outside and gradually deepen into the interior. This can avoid blindness, reduce unnecessary losses, and greatly improve maintenance. s efficiency.

3. Power first, then load

The fault of the golf cart power supply part accounts for a large proportion in maintenance. The power supply system is the main energy supply center of the whole machine. The power supply supplies power, the load transmits power, and depends on the power to work. Unblocked cause. Therefore, when checking for faults, first check the power supply circuit to confirm that there is no abnormality in the power supply, and then perform maintenance on other circuits.

4. Static first and then dynamic

Static means that the golf cart is in a state of no power, that is, it is checked first when the power is cut off. Such as whether the connecting wires are correct, whether the sockets are in good contact, whether there are disconnections and poor soldering, and whether the components are burned and discolored. Dynamic means that the machine to be repaired is in a working state. Dynamic inspection must be performed after necessary inspection and measurement during static state. Never blindly turn on the power to avoid expanding the fault.