How to extend the battery life of electric scooters

Article from: 22-02-2020


Electric scooters are now a popular mobility tool, and it is already common as a mobility tool outdoors. However, in daily use, the post-maintenance of electric scooters plays a vital role in performance and life. Lithium batteries are mainly used to provide power for electric scooters, and they are the key components of electric scooters. In the process of use, it will inevitably cause excessive wear, which will reduce the service life. So how to extend the service life of electric scooters?

First, charge in time

When the battery of electric scooter is used for 12 hours, there will be obvious vulcanization reaction. Electric scooter manufacturers tell you that timely charging can clear the sulfuration phenomenon. If the battery is not charged in time, the sulfur crystals will accumulate and gradually produce coarse crystals, which will affect the electric skateboard Car battery life. Not timely charging will not only affect the vulcanization acceleration, but also cause the battery capacity to decrease, which will affect the travel of the electric scooter. Therefore, in addition to charging each day, you should also pay attention to charging as soon as possible after use, so that the battery is full.

Second, protect the charger

Many electric skateboarders only pay attention to the battery, but ignore the charger. In fact, the charger does not need to be able to charge. Electronic products generally age after a few years of use, and chargers are no exception. If your charger has a problem, it will cause the electric scooter battery to be full or to charge the drum battery. This naturally affects battery life.

Third, do not replace the charger casually

Various electric scooter manufacturers generally have individual requirements for the charger. Do not replace the charger at will when you don't know the charger model. If the mileage required for use is relatively long, try to use multiple chargers for off-site charging. Use additional chargers during the day and use the original charger at night. Also remove the speed limit of the controller. Although removing the speed limit of the controller can speed up the speed of the electric scooter, it will not only reduce the battery life, but also reduce the safety of the electric scooter.

Fourth, regular deep discharge

Performing a deep discharge on a regular basis is also conducive to the "activation" of the electric scooter battery, which slightly increases the battery's capacity. A common method is to periodically fully discharge the electric scooter battery. Electric scooter full discharge refers to riding under the condition of normal load on a flat road to the first undervoltage protection. After the battery is completely discharged, fully charging the battery will increase the battery capacity.