How many kinds of electric bicycle motors are currently common?

Article from: 03-12-2020


1. Brief description of the basic situation of the motor

Among the four types of motors, the most common are the first three. Among these four types of motors, the best one is brushless and geared motors, followed by brushless and geared motors, the third is brushless and gearless motors, and the fourth, that is, the worst, is brushless and gearless motors. Motor.

2. Motors are classified according to speed

According to the speed of the motor, there are generally two types: high-speed motor, the speed is above 3000 rpm, and the low-speed motor, the speed is less than 300 rpm. High-speed motors have strong power and large torque. When used for power driving, they have high efficiency and low energy consumption. Low-speed motors are the opposite.

However, if a high-speed motor used in an electric vehicle runs at a speed of 3000 rpm, it is unimaginable. The speed can catch up with a car. If it runs under a heavy load, the rotor cannot rotate due to insufficient power, and the motor is easily burned. So use a reduction gear to reduce speed.

The geared motors are all high-speed motors. Although the speed is reduced, the transformed pulling force (driving force) is obviously increased, and the load and climbing are very powerful.

For low-speed motors, since the speed is inherently low, gear reduction is not required.

3. the motor is classified according to the brush

Electric self-propelled motors are divided into brush motors and brushless motors according to the presence or absence of brushes. The difference itself is not very big, but the brush motor needs to be replaced in time, because it is a vulnerable part. Brushless has a lower current and lower energy consumption than a brush.Therefore, the current mainstream market is brushless motor electric bicycles.

4. summary

Combining brushless and high-speed and low-speed, four kinds of motors appear.

Among them, brushless gear motors are the best, but the current technology is not very mature, so the market-oriented brushless motors are generally brushless low-speed motors (brushless and gearless).