Is a scooter better or a battery car more affordable?

Article from: 28-11-2020


In fact, it is only comparable when using a car within a range of 30 kilometers. For more than 30 kilometers, a motorcycle or a car must be considered. Whether a scooter is better or a battery-powered vehicle is better. You must consider economy, convenience and safety. , Please pay attention: Rongji igniter
1. Economy
1. Spend money to buy a car

Generally, an electric scooter is good for around 3,000 yuan, while a small scooter is now equipped with National IV EFI, and it costs more than 7,000 for an ordinary one, and tens of thousands for a better one. In addition, a motorcycle driver’s license costs about 700 yuan. From the perspective of car purchase cost, a scooter needs to invest 2-3 times the price of a battery car. But in general, electric vehicles can only be used for 3-4 years, while motorcycles have the highest obsolescence period of 13 years, and some can continue to be used after 20 years of riding, so from this point of view, electric vehicles do not take much advantage.
2. Cost of use

If it is used on average to and from get off work every day, 40 kilometers back and forth, according to experience, one kilowatt-hour can run about 40 kilometers, if one kilowatt-hour of electricity is 0.6 yuan, it will cost 60 cents a day.
3. Maintenance cost

Battery cars usually don’t need to change engine oil, but there are still some minor problems, and after a few years of use, there will be more and more problems. If it costs 200 yuan a year, 200÷365=0.55 yuan per day, but Electric car batteries generally need to be replaced once a year and a half, such as 60V20AH, to replace the battery once, about 600 yuan, 600÷365÷1.5=1.1 yuan, 1.1+0.55=1.65 yuan/day.
2. Convenience

1. No motorcycles and electricity

From a national perspective, motorcycles are banned in more than 200 cities. Although many cities also restrict battery cars, even in places with strict regulations such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, many people are still riding battery cars, so relatively speaking, electric cars are being used The environment is more relaxed than scooters.
2. Standards and licenses

There is a problem. After the introduction of the new national standard for electric vehicles, the speed of electric vehicles is now within 25 km/h, and it requires pedaling, and the weight of the vehicle is also regulated. Therefore, battery vehicles can be used on the road. Strictly speaking, only electric bicycles can be used. This kind of style, running 40 kilometers every day to go to get off work, will be more difficult, certainly not as easy to use as a scooter.

Scooters also have a problem. They need to be licensed, get a driver’s license, and need to buy insurance. They are all motor vehicles.
Three, security

Battery cars are essentially developed from bicycles. The tires are relatively small, and the frame welding process and materials are lacking. Although now due to market competition, many brands are improving quality and developing motorcycle technology, but they are still in line with motorcycles. There is a certain distance, after all, the cost is there, so the battery car should not be driven too fast, otherwise the braking may be problematic. If there is any collision, the car will fall apart at any time.