How to maintain your own electric scooter

Article from: 22-10-2020


It is not enough for us to have an electric car with full power and good quality in our lives. You also need to learn how to maintain and cherish your electric car.
   1. Do not change the charger casually, and do not remove the speed limit of the controller.
  Experienced users know that the cost of batteries is the biggest consumption of Lima electric vehicles, so users are very concerned about extending the service life of batteries. First of all, it must be assumed that there is no problem with the charger, and whether the user uses it correctly is critical to the life of the battery. The chargers of various manufacturers generally have individual requirements. Don't change the charger at will when you are not sure. If the continuation mileage is relatively long, and multiple chargers must be equipped for charging in different places, the chargers that are fully charged during the day shall be supplemented with additional chargers, and the original chargers shall be used at night. Removing the speed limit of the controller, although it can increase the speed of some cars, in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will also reduce the service life of the battery.
   2. Develop some good habits to save electricity.
   Use taxi as much as possible. When going downhill, take advantage of the power off and coast down as much as possible. When you are about to encounter a traffic light, enter the taxi early to minimize braking. A friend told me that he would rather turn the bay one more time to reduce the brakes once, which makes sense. When starting, it is best to add riding assistance, not only can increase the starting speed, but also reduce battery power loss and life damage.
   3. Make full use of the repair conditions of the scooter manufacturer
  Many scooter dealers can provide battery inspection and repair services, and these services should be fully utilized. For example, regular maintenance of the battery can reduce damage to the battery. Repairing the state of charge of the battery can alleviate the failure of the "battery backward", which is easy for dealers equipped with repair capabilities. For water loss, the effect of replenishing water when the battery capacity is 70% is better than when the battery capacity is 40%. Even some brands of products also propose that if the battery is not overhauled at the specified time, it is equivalent to giving up the battery warranty. Make consumers suffer losses that should not have occurred. Therefore, consumers should make full use of the battery maintenance conditions to extend and increase the battery life.