Teach you how to quickly choose a good electric scooter

Article from: 30-10-2020


1. See product certification
At present, there is no national unified standard for electric scooters, only the standards set by each manufacturer. We call on consumers to choose electric scooters not only to see whether it has been certified, but also to see which international authority certification it has obtained. International certification standards are relatively objective and rigorous. For example, UL2272 is the most authoritative product safety certification globally recognized, with one code per machine and traceability of the original factory information.
2. Look at product design
A good electric scooter can be expressed in various details. It must be closely integrated with functionality and design. The appearance is highly recognizable. A comfortable riding experience runs through every detail, even in color. You have more choices to make the electric scooter easy to use and beautiful. A good user experience here focuses on the shock absorption performance and control system. Shock absorption is to ensure that users can have a better riding experience on bumpy roads. Most electric scooters are not equipped with a shock absorption system, mainly relying on tires to absorb shock. Air tires have better shock absorption effects, and solid tires have better shock absorption. The effect is relatively inferior to that of air tires, but it will not blow out. This requires consumers to weigh when buying. The three-wheeled electric skateboard and the four-wheeled electric skateboard, which are popular among the cool people, the best shock absorption is achieved by the mechanism. In addition, three-wheeled electric skateboards and four-wheeled electric skateboards generally use handheld controllers to start, brake and decelerate. The most ergonomic control system at present is the linear control system, which achieves precise start, linear braking, and no-delay shifting. The riding process always maintains a stable unity of people and vehicles, which is more safe and comfortable.
3. Look at the material
A good electric scooter is first of all unique in terms of material, and high-quality materials are the foundation. The two core components of electric scooters are batteries and motors. As the heart of electric scooters, batteries directly affect the endurance and service life of the scooters. The motor is the engine of a vehicle, which affects the running power of the vehicle. At present, electric scooters in the market mainly use brushless motors, which are highly controllable and have low noise. Long-term use does not degauss or weaken, and has strong durability. Therefore, generally speaking, large-scale electric skateboard companies or well-known brands have long-term business philosophy and will choose formal battery and motor manufacturers to cooperate.