V-GO leader is imperative New Dazhou Honda electric car national investment

Article from: 08-03-2019

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December 23, 2018,

Honda teamed up with Sundiro Honda.

Launched an epoch-making electric motorcycle new product in China.

This is V-GO.
She is the first lithium battery electric motorcycle that Honda has invested in China.

She has the stunning look of the world's top teams.

She continued Honda's more than 60-year vehicle technology.

She is equipped with Honda's exclusive CBS linkage brake system and Honda's newly developed high-quality lithium battery.

She is equipped with a GPS Smart Link app and a Smart Key with a locked steering wheel.

This is the world's number one motorcycle sales Honda, insight into the trend, a strategic product to meet the times.

Driven by the high-end V-GO, the electric motorcycle business of Sundiro Honda will gain a strong boost and climb the peak.

A new intelligent factory with the world's strongest QCD competitiveness!

Honda, a new continent founded in 2001, has 18 years of experience in the production of two-wheeled vehicles, with a cumulative output of more than 13 million units, and is exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. From 2014, we entered the development and manufacture of electric motorcycles and have a complete array of electric motorcycle products.

In 2018, the new factory in Taicang----a new intelligent factory with the capacity of motorcycles and electric vehicles and the world's strongest QCD competitiveness. The new plant uses Honda's most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes, and will become the most advanced electric motorcycle production workshop in China and the world.

Brand leadership, product leadership, manufacturing leadership, Suntec Honda's advantage in electric motorcycles has been established, the overall situation has been set, the general trend has been achieved.

New energy vehicles will be the next trend and wealth opportunity.

Led by V-GO, Sundiro Honda brings its full range of electric motorcycle products to attract investment from all over the country.

We sincerely invite all the discerning and courageous distributors to work together with Honda to draw a blueprint.

Thick, thin hair. The situation is, must!