Quickly distinguish the quality of electric scooters

Article from: 06-09-2019


How to distinguish the quality of electric scooters? Quickly judge from these aspects

Wheels: Wheels are made of PU shock-absorbing rubber. If the number of uses is not too large (about twice a week), it is best to change it every six months. If it is used frequently (about 5 times a week), it is best to change every 3 months. An electric skateboard wheel.

Pedal: Inferior electric scooter pedal can withstand a small weight, the adult bends as soon as he steps on it, and the pedal bends enough to affect the structure of the entire scooter, so that the player can not be handy or even dangerous, and the general safety pedal can withstand 110 kg. The following weight.

Spring: The spring on the wheel is an improved design of the latest electric scooter, which helps the operator to perform difficult movements and also contributes to the stability of the body.

Handrail: Sponge can have a shock-absorbing effect, and it has a sweat-absorbing and anti-slip function. The inferior armrest sponge is relatively easy to damage.

Brake: The brake is located at the top of the rear wheel. Before you buy it, you should use a pedal to check whether the electric scooter brake is freely movable, and it is best to match the correct posture when playing.