Is the speed of an electric car related to power consumption?

Article from: 14-11-2020


We know that the driving distance of an electric car has a lot to do with the battery capacity of our electric car. The larger the battery capacity of our battery car, the farther we can ride. If we develop a good riding habit by riding an electric car, we will also be fully charged We can ride a few kilometers longer, and we will charge less once. Over time, our battery’s service life will be prolonged. In terms of the entire battery life cycle, the battery is generally charged 500 times at best in the “life”. One charge will extend the life of some batteries.

1. The relationship between fast riding and power consumption of electric vehicles
We often ride electric bicycles and find that when the speed indication of the electric bicycle is above 20 kilometers per hour, the electric bicycle obviously has wind resistance. If the speed is increased at this time, the resistance will be more obvious. This increase in resistance requires electric vehicles to consume a lot of electricity to overcome. We know that the battery capacity has a certain limit. In this way, the faster the electric vehicle, the more power it consumes and the shorter the distance traveled. In addition, we have tried fast riding on electric bikes. After a period of fast riding, we will find that the rear wheels of electric bikes will heat up. When opening the parking space and touching the battery and electric bike controller by hand, we will find that they also have different degrees. The heat generated by these components is also provided by the battery power. From the sharing of the above two aspects, it can be seen that electric vehicles are fast and do not save electricity. Sometimes there is a feeling of "hurry up", so fast riding of electric vehicles does not save electricity.
2. Electric vehicles save electricity
After many verifications, when the electric vehicle is driven at a constant speed, it is still relatively power-saving. Because the battery capacity is constant, the output voltage and current of the electric vehicle are also uniform at a constant speed, which not only saves the electric vehicle's electric riding distance It can achieve the purpose of "long water flow", and it is good for the battery and motor of electric vehicles. In addition, when riding a downhill road, we can use this terrain to slightly turn the handlebars to make the battery bike run at a constant speed; when it is about to reach a place, we can save electricity by suddenly pressing the brakes and braking by the coasting reduction ratio.