The composition of the electric pedal

Article from: 25-09-2020


The electric pedal is composed of pedal, telescopic mechanism, motor components, controller, control wiring harness, magnetron module (optional) and installation accessories.
1. Motor
This is the brain of the entire pedal, which controls the normal operation of the pedal. Land Rover Range Rover has developed a single-motor original electric pedal, while China has developed a dual-motor pedal suitable for modification. Generally speaking, dual-motors are more secure than single-motors.
Single motor, that is, only one of the two rocker arms is directly driven by the motor and the other is driven. The single-motor system will increase the resistance after a long period of use, causing the pedals to be non-parallel, and the supporting force of the passive rocker arm will be poor.
The dual motor pedal does not have such a problem, and the pedal can operate normally even if one motor is broken. The double-motor pedal has high requirements on the motor, and interference will occur if the two motors are not synchronized.
2. Pedal
The pedals are generally made of aluminum alloy, and the minimum load-bearing capacity is 200KG. Basically, the load-bearing capacity of the pedals is above 300KG. The surface of the pedal with anti-skid particles and special layers can greatly improve the performance of the pedal and optimize the user experience.
3. Telescopic mechanism
The telescopic mechanism of electric pedal mainly includes four-bar linkage and six-bar linkage.
4. Control system
There are mainly OBD interface methods for connecting cars, wired magnetrons and wireless magnetrons. Pros and cons.