The problem of power failure when riding an electric scooter

Article from: 18-09-2020


When we are using electric scooters, we sometimes encounter some problems, so how should we deal with them?

1. Poor contact between the plug of the battery power output and the socket: Generally, it is possible that the internal circuit has poor contact due to wear and long-term oxidation. You can try to spray it with the cleaning agent for cleaning the car carburetor. If not, use sharp-nosed pliers to bend the tip of the plug a little bit to increase the contact strength of the plug. If it doesn't work anymore, check whether there is any corrosion on the instrument circuit board, check whether the plug-in of the power lock is virtually connected, and check whether the car body line is damaged in the turning place.

2. Failure of the speed control handle: Generally, the three wires inside the speed control handle do not contact well, usually red, gray and black, or red, green and black, and the gray or green wire is the handle The output signal line. It is best to adjust the speed to cut off the connector in the middle of the cable, connect it according to the color difference, and then wrap it with insulating tape. If you don’t want to cut it, you can pull it out first, and then find something to remove the copper in the middle of the plug. After adjusting the film, just keep it in good contact.

3. Brake power failure: The signal source of brake power failure is formed by collecting the action of the brake switch. If the brake switch is stuck or malfunctions, it will cause the vehicle to be powered and unable to go. You can try to brake several times. Car, and then drive normally.

4. Power signal system failure: If your electric car is highly intelligent, there may also be a power outage. It is mainly manifested in the damage of the electric door lock and poor contact of the signal wire of the controller electric door lock. The simplest way is to turn on the keyless function.

The power supply of electric scooter is very important, so choosing a scooter with stable battery and reliable performance is the biggest guarantee.