The whole structure and paint of electric scooter

Article from: 11-09-2020


The structure of the whole scooter is very simple. The basic units are the frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller, and motor. The quality of the frame is very important. Many users don't care about the quality of the frame of the electric car manufacturer, because this part is difficult to observe. However, the quality of the frame directly determines the safety performance of the scooter. The following provides several ways to verify the frame. First observe the welding level of the frame in the plastic parts of the scooter. If there is false welding or desoldering, it means that the quality of the frame is not ideal. Secondly, observe whether there are traces of rust on the frame, because the frame needs a process called electrophoresis in order to stop the rust. In order to control the cost, the frame of many electric scooter manufacturers simply spray black paint without electrophoresis. The problem of rust indicates that the electrophoresis quality of the frame is abnormal.

Permanent magnet type DC motor: It is composed of stator magnet, rotor, brush, housing, etc. The stator magnet uses permanent magnets (magnetic steel), including ferrite, AlNiCo, NdFeB and other materials. According to its structure, it can be divided into cylinder type and tile type. The rotor is generally made of laminated silicon steel sheets, and the enameled wire is wound between two slots of the rotor core (three slots means three windings), and its joints are respectively welded to the metal sheets of the commutator. The brush is a conductive part that connects the power supply and the rotor winding, and has both conductive and ground properties. The brushes of permanent magnet motors use single-sex metal sheets, metal graphite brushes, and electrochemical graphite brushes.

The paint materials include primer, top coat and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the results. Of course, we have no way to know the specific paint brand used in the car when choosing a car, but we can judge the quality of the paint based on the effect of the paint. A good baking paint has a transparent and bright surface, and the color is deep and natural. There should be no uneven color, chromatic aberration, and large areas of pitting or bumps. The applique process is flat and the paint is evenly covered. In the sun, the lacquer is bright and colorful, and the shade has a thick texture. If you find these descriptions difficult to understand, the simple way is to go to a few more stores and compare cars with the same color. It feels like they will come out soon.

The brushless DC motor with photoelectric position sensor is equipped with photoelectric sensor parts on the stator assembly according to the position, the rotor is equipped with a light shield, and the light source is a light emitting diode or a small bulb. When the rotor rotates, due to the effect of the light shield, the photosensitive components on the stator will generate pulse signals intermittently at the frequency.