What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles?

Article from: 29-11-2019


Electric scooters are the future development trend. Regardless of environmental or national energy considerations, gasoline vehicles

will eventually be replaced by electric vehicle, only need some time. To solve the current shortage of Electric scooters, this can

be achieved. Overall objective. Current shortcomings of Electric scooters:

1. The cost of batteries is high, and the price of pure Electric scooters is still higher than that of gasoline vehicles after

subsidies from the state.

2. Secondly, the charging equipment is incomplete and lacks sufficient and effective charging facilities;

3. Insufficient mileage. Officially provided cruising mileage can only archive 70% after long use. Ugbest offer the most durable

scooters with efficient insufficient mileage.

4. Post-maintenance costs High maintenance costs. I bought pure electricity in order to save fuel, but later maintenance costs can

save your fuel. In general, pure Electric scooters are not necessary in the future, but they need technical and current policy


So maintenance and upkeep are more important

The protection and cleaning of the charger

Never replace the charger at will. Follow the instructions to indicate the most effective credentials for the charger. The most

effective way: when adding power, insert the battery first and then add the mains power; when it appears, stop charging first, and

then unplug the battery. Otherwise it is extremely easy to cause damage to the charger. The charger should be worn with the vehicle

to enhance the maintenance of the charger, and the average life of the charger must be extended from the basic.