What battery does the general electric scooter battery use

Article from: 08-11-2019


1. The volumetric lithium battery is much smaller than the lead-acid battery body, and the net weight is much lighter. Under the same model specifications, the net weight of the lithium battery is between one tenth and one sixth of the lead-acid battery.

Second, the service life of the lithium battery in the market is generally about 5 to 6 years, which is longer than the life of ordinary lead-acid batteries, so do not worry about changing the battery in the short term, unless there is an accident, or long-term In the extreme road conditions, the life of the lithium battery is still very reliable.

Third, safe and environmentally friendly production According to the basic principles of the two, we can very easily find that lithium batteries are safer than lead-acid batteries. When receiving external collisions, lithium batteries are also difficult to explode, while lead-acid batteries are relatively dangerous. Risks, in the face of external pressure or severe collisions, it is still more dangerous. If a leak occurs, the lead-containing compounds will cause a lot of pollution to the environment caused by the material. At the environmental protection level, lithium batteries are greener than lead-acid batteries and have little environmental pollution.

Fourth, performance lead-acid battery charge and discharge performance at low temperatures In fact, I think it is still very good, when charging and discharging at subzero temperature, the working voltage is more than 10V can maintain the charge and discharge time is greater than 90s, while the low-temperature charge of lithium-ion battery The discharge performance is much weaker. Secondly, the characteristics of high current quantity. As far as the current technology of lithium battery is concerned, in the case of a relatively large amount of instantaneous current, the performance will drop sharply in the whole process, affecting daily dips, harming the usual use, and even possibly causing Lead to an accident.

5. The manufacturing process requirements for the processing of cost lithium batteries are far higher than those of lead-acid batteries, and the requirements for electrolyte solutions are higher than those of lead-acid batteries. Not only that, but also the cost of lithium batteries is higher on metal electrode materials. No matter which square level the lead-acid battery costs will be far lower than the lithium battery.