How to extend the service life of electric scooter battery

Article from: 01-11-2019


Electric scooters are now a popular tool for walking, which is very common in the outdoors. However, in daily use, the post-maintenance of the electric scooter plays a vital role in performance and life. Lithium battery is a component that powers electric scooters and is an important component of electric scooters. In the process of use, it will inevitably lead to excessive loss, which will reduce the service life, so how to extend the service life of electric scooters? , electric scooter manufacturers answer for you:

1. Charge the electric scooter battery in time

When the battery of the electric scooter is used for 12 hours, a significant vulcanization reaction will occur. The timely charging can remove the vulcanization phenomenon. If it is not charged in time, the vulcanized crystal will accumulate and gradually produce coarse crystals, which will affect the battery life of the electric scooter. Failure to charge in time will not only affect the accelerated vulcanization, but also cause a drop in battery capacity, which in turn affects the travel of the electric scooter. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, it is also necessary to pay attention to the use of the early charging in the future, so that the battery is full.

2. Do not replace the electric scooter charger

Every electric scooter manufacturer has a personal need for the charger. Don't replace the charger when you don't know the charger model. If the application requires a long distance, try to charge multiple chargers for charging different places, use an additional charger during the day, and use the original charger in the evening. Also, the speed limit of the controller is removed, and the speed limit of the controller can be removed, which can improve the speed of the electric scooter, which not only reduces the service life of the battery, but also reduces the safety of the electric scooter.

3. Timing the electric scooter deep discharge

Regularly performing a deep discharge also contributes to the "activation" of the electric scooter battery, slightly increasing the battery capacity. A common method is to periodically discharge the battery of the electric scooter once. The complete discharge of the electric scooter means riding the bicycle to the first underpressure maintenance under the condition of normal load on the smooth road surface. In the future, after fully discharging, the battery will be fully charged, which will increase the battery capacity.

The battery is the key component of the electric scooter. It can be seen that the battery is very important. Making full use of the favorable conditions will prolong the battery life of the electric scooter. The maintenance method for the electric scooter battery is shared here for everyone. We must pay great attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the electric scooter in daily use, so that your electric scooter can be used better. Even if your electric scooter has excellent performance and quality, you need to take care of it to get the most power.