Ugbest vehicle assembly competition in progress and operation training

Article from: 19-06-2020


As the epidemic raged, all parts of the world were affected. People's work and life have to be changed. At the same time, under such circumstances, we have to slow down our pace, but the epidemic does not stop us from making progress. On the contrary, Ugbest EV took this opportunity to vigorously rectify the interior and organize various trainings for employees. Look, on June 16, 2020, the workshop leader is giving employees a summary training to explain the problems that occur in product assembly.

We believe that we will win the market with more professional team and more high-quality products when the epidemic fades away! We also hope that the epidemic will end soon and people will resume their normal lives. World peace, less disaster!

Video record here

Time: 16th, June, 2020

Workshops organize operation training for problems in the assembly line

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