Effect of electric scooter shock absorber on structure and use

Article from: 04-06-2020


The electric scooter shock absorber is a device that can effectively ensure the impact reduction of the vehicle. To put it simply, the impact caused by the road surface is reduced as much as possible, and the electric scooter shock absorber can effectively ensure the riding comfort, and Ensure that the tires can be tightly attached to the ground, to promote the tire's ability to grip the ground, and to improve the performance of the electric scooter in driving.

When we first saw the electric scooter shock absorber, for its structure, the first thing that came to mind was definitely a combination of a metal coil spring or a hydraulic shock absorber. Therefore, whether the metal spring is direct or not When exposed to air, the shock absorbers of the front wheels and the shock absorbers of the rear wheels are basically the same on the working principle. Ecobitmotor offer comfortable riding experience and low shake of electric scooter.

If it is analyzed from the function alone, then the electric scooter shock absorber mainly has a metal spring to absorb it directly on the impact force of the road surface, but if it is analyzed from the performance of the material, if the coil spring After being squeezed, it is necessary to go back and forth multiple times in order to restore the original elasticity.

In order to effectively improve the resonance of the electric scooter shock absorber, the hydraulic shock absorber can be used at this time, because it can ensure the number of resonance systems that occur when the spring rebounds after being compressed, And can effectively reduce this number of times directly, so it is still more important for springs.

The front shock absorber of the electric scooter shock absorber is mainly composed of a shock absorber core, an outer tube, a buffer cylinder and a return spring. The buffer cylinder of the shock absorber mainly uses hydraulic oil to pass through the small oil hole At the time, the generated fluid resists the phenomenon of the material, and finally ensures the absorption or the phenomenon of the buffer spring in resonance.

The smaller the small oil hole of the electric scooter shock absorber, or the higher the viscosity of the hydraulic oil in the shock absorber, the greater the damping force will be. This situation is more common, especially After the metal spring is matched with the hydraulic buffer tube, it can also properly reduce the decline caused by friction.