How to drive an electric golf cart safely

Article from: 29-05-2020


1. Drivers of golf carts must have corresponding driving licenses. Unauthorized driving by unqualified persons is strictly prohibited.

2. The driver must familiarize himself with the "Instruction Manual", be familiar with the technical parameters, operating mechanisms, functions, operating procedures and safe operating rules indicated in the manual, understand the maintenance knowledge, and pay attention to the use method and precautions of the charger.

3. Drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol before going to work. If they are sick or taking sedative and anti-allergy drugs, they should not drive.

4. Golf carts can only be driven as far as possible within the premises of enterprises and institutions, do not exercise on highways and streets, and try not to drive on bad roads.

5. The driving speed of the golf cart should not be too high, and the downhill section should be slowed down. Rainy weather, especially continuous rainy weather should pay attention to anti-skid.

6. If you meet other motor vehicles, you must actively stop and give way, and you must implement traffic laws and regulations.

7. The golf cart shall not be overloaded or overdrive.

8. Stick and hang safety tips and warning signs in the obvious position of the golf cart. For example, "For your safety, please grasp the handrails", "This car is not allowed to overload, overrun", "Please take good care of your children" "Children are not allowed to play in the car"

9. When reversing, the driver should pay attention to whether there are people, luggage or other obstacles behind the car to prevent accidents.

10. Drivers should concentrate on driving, and must not look away and distract, and should not talk to guests.

11. The driver should hand over the vehicle condition, operation, battery power, motor if it is normal, and whether the sanitation work is good.