How to choose an electric scooter and what are the selection techniques?

Article from: 10-06-2020


The electric scooter is a kind of electric vehicle. It uses a battery to drive the motor. Now the urban traffic is congested and it is inconvenient to travel. It can be said that the electric scooter has ushered in spring. How to choose electric scooter?


Facial attractiveness

Most electric scooter are painted with metal shell, so the selection of electric scooter depends on the fullness and brightness of the paint. In addition to looking at the overall shape, it also depends on whether the welding is uniform, whether the front and rear wheels are in line, and whether the body is distorted, and the pedal-style luxury must choose a widened and heavy flat fork model.

Body structure

The price of the electric scooter is directly related to the accessories it uses. Be sure to ask before buying. The battery is the "heart" of the electric scooter. The quality of the battery also directly affects other "organs" such as motors, chargers, controllers, etc. In operation, the motor is the key to complete the start-up and acceleration functions of the electric vehicle. In addition to the battery and motor, it also depends on the quality of various accessories, meters, handlebars, brake levers, etc.

Test Drive and Service

When choosing an electric scooter, be sure to test drive more and feel more. Some scooters will have imperfections in the assembly. You will know it through personal experience. There is a saying that three-point quality seven-point service, if the after-sale is not in place, the experience is not good. Big electric scooter brand like Ugbest is more worthy to trust.