How to choose a smart electric tricycle scooter for elderly and disabled

Article from: 25-04-2020


The use of tricycle electric scooters is mostly the elderly and the disabled, especially as the elderly grow older, various physical skills gradually degrade, the legs and feet are no longer flexible, and the walking stability is poor. I can't do it myself. Therefore, choosing an tricycle electric scooter with better quality can make you happy and go on your own, increase the scope of activities, improve your self-care ability, and no longer rely on the implementation of family members.

How to choose a smart tricycle electric scooter

1. Look at the brand

There are many brands of smart elderly tricycle electric scooters. Consumers should choose brands with long operating hours, low repair rates, good quality and reputable brands. For example, if you purchase an enterprise that has passed the quality management system ISO9001, EEC, or other authoritative certification, see if the brand has an official website. A brand with a long product line at least shows that the brand has greater strength and a longer operating time, and business operation is a long-term behavior. Ugbest’s electric scooter and tricycles have been sold to more than 77 countries and regions.

2. Look at the scooter design

The center of gravity design of the intelligent elderly tricycle electric scooter should be low and stable, as can be seen from the height of the frame above the ground. A car with a high ground clearance has a higher center of gravity than a low car, and the safety during driving is poor. The wheelbase between the left and right wheels is wide.

Among the cars with the same body width, the wider the wheelbase, the stronger the ground adhesion, the better the steering control, and the greater the safety of the vehicle. Whether the safety of the car can roll over during driving depends not on the motor itself, but on the design of the center of gravity, the wheelbase and the speed of the car. Cars with a high center of gravity, narrow wheelbase, and high-speed driving can easily roll over when turning sharply.

Chassis height is 20cm, easily get on and off.

3. Look at the control system

The intelligent elderly tricycle electric scooter is different from other cars, because it is controlled by the elderly, the simpler the better. As a means of mobility for the elderly, as long as they can move forward, backward and brake. First, the elderly is easier to operate and safer; second, the failure rate of the entire vehicle is also low, eliminating the hassle of maintenance.

The Ugbest electric tricycles scooter design for the elder, senior and disabled will stop immediately when hand off throttle.

4. Choose the right model

Smart elderly tricycle electric scooters can be generally divided into four types: luxury type, ordinary type, front and rear shock type, and lightweight type. The luxury model has complete functions, but the price is high. The ordinary model is simple, economical and practical. Consumers should pay attention to this when purchasing.

5. See after-sales service

When buying an tricycle electric scooter that can only be used by the elderly, be sure to understand the after-sales service of the product. The intelligent elderly tricycle electric scooter is different from other products. Try to choose a manufacturer that can provide warranty during the warranty period.