Ride safe electric scooter

Article from: 09-05-2020


The sudden situation that is afraid of the occurrence of the electric scooter during riding is the flat tire, and the flat tire of the electric scooter is more sudden and latent than the car. It is extremely difficult to predict in advance and judge in advance. Once the tire has a problem, If it falls, it will be scratched, or it may endanger the safety of drivers and passengers.

After exposure to the sun on a hot summer day, the temperature on the ground will be as high as 60 ° C and 70 ° C. In this case, flat tires are most likely to occur. Compared with the spontaneous combustion of electric scooters, the electric scooter punctures during driving, the risk factor is actually greater.

Aging of electric scooter tires, excessive wear, tire trauma, excessive sun exposure, and unstable tire pressure may all cause sudden bursts of electric scooters. In addition, the following four conditions should be noted during summer travel:

1. The road surface temperature in summer is very high, the asphalt of the road surface has been baked, many very hard and small things are embedded on the road surface, and the electric scooters can easily be punctured by the tires.

2. Tires that have been repaired once, driving on high-temperature roads in summer, because of the increase of the tire bulge, its performance and safety are also greatly reduced compared to the original, and flat tires are prone to occur.

3. When the road surface temperature exceeds 45 ° C, if the tires of the electric scooter tire are pumping up too much, and the tires continue to heat during driving, but the heat dissipation is relatively slow, the air pressure increases accordingly, resulting in an explosion of the thin carcass. The main reason for the fetus.

4. When the weather is high in summer, the tire is prone to deform and the tire performance index drops. If the tire pressure is not standard, the performance is weakened and it is easy to burst.

How to avoid a flat tire?

1. Develop a good habit of regular inspection and maintenance. Always check whether the tire air pressure is normal. If the air pressure is found to be too low, the outer carcass may have local scratches or puncture problems. It should be detected and repaired in time; if the air pressure is found to be too high, it should be properly resolved, especially In high temperature weather, it is necessary to avoid excessive pressure.

2. Don't ram and bump when riding a bike, and don't brake hard to reduce the violent friction between the tires and the hot ground. In addition, do not inflate the electric scooter too much in summer, and park the car in a cool place to avoid prolonged exposure.

3. electric scooter tires are not so "poisonous". In daily life, try to avoid contacting tires with hydrocarbon-like lubricating oil, because it will cause accelerated aging of tires. In addition, the tires should not be in contact with alcohol, freezing liquid, or electrolyte. The tires can be washed with soapy water.

Many car owners carry out annual inspections and maintenance at intervals, and they will promptly replace tires if they are found to be defective. However, many electric scooter owners do not have the awareness of detection and maintenance, so there will be more problems with flat tires in summer, and the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, in the summer, electric scooter owners need to pay attention to the detection and maintenance of tires.