What determines the quality of electric scooter

Article from: 18-04-2020


The key to determining the quality of electric scooters is the quality of the motor and battery. A good motor has low loss, high efficiency, and a long driving range, which is good for the battery. As for the battery, it is a determinant of the quality of an electric scooter. The electric scooters on the market are basically maintenance-free acid batteries, which have the characteristics of low price, excellent electrical performance, no memory effect, easy to use, etc. The service life is basically 1 to 2 years.

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There are four major parts of electric scooters, namely motor, battery, charger and controller, which is the key to the performance of an electric scooter. Therefore, before buying a scooter, you can first understand the brand, manufacturer and performance of the four major parts, so that there is a standard when choosing a scooter. Most electric scooter manufacturers are assembled, and the four major parts are purchased from various manufacturers. Therefore, scooter selection can not only look at brands and manufacturers, but also depends on the four major parts.

The capacity of the battery is related to the endurance of the electric scooter, that is, how far you can run every time you go out. The life of the battery determines the later riding cost of the electric scooter. Therefore, try to choose a large-capacity battery and a brand battery with a good reputation. Because ordinary consumers are prone to encounter various problems during use and operation, customer service support, and maintenance, and can provide consumers with good after-sales service.

Generally speaking, electric scooters use batteries as energy sources, through controllers, motors and other components, to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy movement, in order to control the size of the current to change the speed of the vehicle.