Matters needing attention and performance inspection of electric golf cart

Article from: 23-05-2020


1. Forward / backward control: check whether the operation is correct.

2. Brake: Make sure the brake function is correct. When the brake pedal is fully depressed with appropriate pressure, the vehicle should stop smoothly and straightly.

3. Parking brake: When locked, the parking brake should lock the wheels and keep the vehicle fixed. It should be released when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

4. Reversing buzzer: When the forward / backward switch is set to the R "backward" position, the reversing buzzer should sound as a warning.

5. Steering: The vehicle should be easy to steer, and there should be no movement in the steering wheel.

6. General: All parts should be in the correct position and installed correctly. Make sure to tighten all nuts, bolts and screws.

7. Safety signs and information signs: Check to ensure that all safety signs and information signs are in place.

8. Tire: Check the correct pressure. Visually inspect daily for wear, damage, and proper inflation.

9. Battery: Check the electrolyte to ensure the correct level. Check battery terminals. The leads should be tightened and free of corrosion.

10. Charger wires, plugs and sockets: visually inspect for cracks, loose connections, and lead wear.