Points to note when choosing an electric tricycle

Article from: 14-05-2020


1. Pay attention to the material of the electric tricycle.

Since the electric tricycle is a vehicle with a large load, its material requirements are also high. Generally speaking, a good electric tricycle frame (triangle frame) is made of seamless steel pipe. Due to the high strength of the steel pipe, it bears a large force and is not easy to deform. When buying, users can tap the pipe on the three wheels with their fingers. If the sound is crisp, it is a steel pipe. And look carefully at each part of the skeleton to see if there are cracks, especially its weak links, including the front fork tube.

2, choose a good spring bow.

As a human-powered transportation vehicle, in order to reduce the bumps during driving and enhance the integrity, the upper part of the rear wheel of each electric tricycle is equipped with a buffer spring. Practice has proved that the quality of the spring directly affects the user's use . If the spring bow is too soft, the cargo loses its elasticity when it is loaded into the vehicle, and it loses its cushioning effect when driving, and it is very laborious when pedaling; if the spring is too hard, it may break. So this should not be ignored when buying.

3. Choose the transmission mechanism of the electric tricycle.

The transmission of an electric tricycle is roughly the same as that of a bicycle. It consists of a roulette, a chain and a flywheel. However, some electric tricycles are manufactured in a rough way. The wheel and flywheel on the center axle are not in a straight line. In this way, the user feels uncomfortable when driving the electric tricycle, and the chain is easy to fall. The life of the chain, flywheel and wheel is also. Will be greatly reduced.

4. Choose the braking part of the electric tricycle.

The braking part of the electric tricycle should have the characteristics of quick response, labor saving and wear resistance. Electric tricycles generally use foot brakes, but they should be a little bit braked.

5. The price of electric tricycles.

In most case, the price will affect the quality.

6. The flat plate on the electric tricycle is usually made of bamboo board or iron sheet on the wooden board.

Whether it is bamboo board or iron sheet, it should be flat, without tilting, and the rear part is slightly higher than the front part, which is conducive to freight transportation. The electric tricycle should be easy and labor-saving to pedal, flexible in turning, no abnormal noise and smooth.